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The Cosmetology Program prepares students for the Massachusetts State Board of Registration of Cosmetologists examination. A good deal of course content stresses sanitation and hygiene. Students learn all facets of treatment, including hair styling, cutting, setting techniques, hair coloring, facial treatments, manicuring and artificial nail application, wig care and service, hair straightening, permanent waving and shampooing. Students gain knowledge in the areas of anatomy, physiology, and chemistry as well as interpersonal relations as they relate to cosmetology. Training is also provided in shop and business procedure to prepare students who plan eventually to operate their own business. Students who complete this program and pass the license examination can become cosmetologists, estheticians, hair colorists, nail technicians and eventually salon owners. There are also many retail positions related to this trade available in most areas.


The cosmetology curriculum follows the same state requirements for the preparation for state cosmetology licensure. Hours spent in the FCTS Cosmetology are applied towards the 1,000 hours necessary for licensure. (100 for nail technicians). Most cosmetology students graduate from FCTS with many hours already obtained. The program provides hours of experience for the students and an associated curriculum that helps prepare students for the state board tests they will also need to take and pass.

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Requests for FCTS community cosmology student activities must provide educational value to the students and must align with the curriculum. If you are a municipal group or non-profit organization, you can contact Jocelyn Croft, Director of Vocational Curriculum & Instruction, to find out more about FCTS cosmetology activities (this applies to our other shop areas as well.)


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